Full Day Rental

Free Cancellation - 60 Days in advance
If you cancel the booking for any reason up to 60 days before the trip date, we will refund the deposit to you. If the trip is cancelled with less than 60 days notice (for reasons excluding storms/unsafe weather conditions), the full deposit will be transferred to Boat Owner.

Per Boat From: $950.00 USD

With no commitment


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    The communication is incredible. I appreciated the quick responses to all of my questions! The island was beautiful! We catered food which was good but expensive for what it was. The boat ride was super beautiful and sitting on the front of the catamaran was perfect. The boat is older so just note that but super reasonable in price.

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    Alejandro Julia

    Great experience, we will surely repeat. The captain was very uncommunicative, on the bland side, but the sailor was great, excellent, very friendly and attentive. The driver who comes to look for you at the hotel is very attentive but clueless, because he did not know the point where he had to leave us. In general, he was very good.

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    Peter Horwood

    Captain and first mate were great ! we traveled in a group of 10 , one of my friends would get seasick unless he sits behind the wheel of a boat .... Captain let him drive halfway to Saona Island, it was very nice of him to do that . First mate was great made sure our cups never went empty plenty, of beer Excursion was excellent will definitely use this company again.

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