One of the main attractions of Dominican Republic is a visit to Saona Island, a paradise island in the National Park of the East, a protected park.

In this excursion you will stop in an area known as natural pool, where some starfish of the sea are quite striking because of the size and rigidity that they acquire when being touched.

We ask you please that when you visit an area where these stars do NOT touch them and even less take them out of the water as they die quickly. It is a protected species and every time there are fewer.


1. Starfish die asphyxiated

Starfish capture oxygen from the water for their breathing process through these dermal gills and when these species are taken out of their aquatic habitat they can not perform the gas exchange for their life cycles, so they suffer from intoxication, usually with carbon dioxide or monoxide and in a relatively short time they die, it takes about 3 to 5 minutes depending on the specimen.


Reasons why not visit dolphinariums

Although dolphins always seem smiling, it does not mean they are happy, so below you will find some reasons why not go to parks with animals deprived of their freedom.


2. Suffered a lot from Stress

Even without taking them out of the water, the constant handling, taking them out and putting them in many places, stacking them, putting them together or placing them on top of each other as if they were a toy for our creativity, are conditions that are foreign to the way of life of these animals, which can easily causing them death.


The photos that people take with the stars of the sea promote a wrong behavior and to not respect the marine life. So we totally disagree with this action.

PLEASE DO NOT touch the starfishes


How to Protect Starfish:

  • Starfish are observed from outside the water or from inside with Snorkel, without taking them out.
  • And if you did not know and you already did, we thank you for not divulging your photos on the Internet and when you show it to your friends or family, always let know that is not the right thing. You did it without knowing it, but it’s time for no one else to continue doing it.
  • When you see someone doing this, do not be cruel and ruthless, they may not know what they do. Kindly transmit this information so they do not do it any more.
  • Share this information with friends and acquaintances. The more people know, the more quickly we will stop practicing these bad habits that damage this natural treasure of our beaches.

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