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Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to celebrate a special event in Punta Cana? With, you can rent a private boat and make your occasion truly unforgettable. From weddings and birthdays to bachelor/bachelorette parties and corporate events, the possibilities for celebrating on board are endless. Enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean on a luxury yacht or spacious catamaran as you sail through the turquoise waters of the Dominican Republic.


Advantages of Celebrating Events On Board:

Exclusivity and Privacy: With a private charter from, you’ll have an exclusive space just for you and your guests. Escape the hustle and bustle of the mainland and enjoy maximum privacy while immersing yourself in the serenity of the Caribbean Sea.

Spectacular Setting: Imagine exchanging your vows with the stunning Caribbean Sea as your backdrop, surrounded by your loved ones and the sea breeze caressing you. The locations offered by provide panoramic views that will make your event unforgettable from the moment you step on board.

Unique Experience: Celebrate your wedding, birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, or corporate gathering in a completely unique way. Surprise your guests with an extraordinary experience that they will surely remember forever.

Worry-Free: All boats from are crewed, which means you can relax and fully enjoy your special day without worrying about navigation or logistics. The professional team on board will take care of all the details so you and your guests can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Celebrate Your Events On Board:

Unforgettable Weddings: Exchange your vows with the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop, surrounded by your loved ones and the sea breeze caressing you. With a professional team on board to take care of every detail, your wedding will be a dream come true.

Memorable Birthdays: Celebrate your special day with a unique party on a private boat. From dancing under the stars to exciting water sports, there are endless ways to enjoy your birthday at sea.

Exciting Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties: Bid farewell to your single life in style on a private yacht bachelor/bachelorette party. Enjoy the company of your closest friends as you sail through crystal-clear waters and toast to the next chapter of your life.

Unique Corporate Events: Surprise your team with an extraordinary team-building experience. Organize a productive meeting followed by an exciting day of sailing and sea activities to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

Destinations in Punta Cana to Rent the Boat:

Saona Island: Discover this natural paradise in the East National Park. With pristine beaches and stunning coral reefs, Saona Island is a must-visit destination for nature and adventure lovers.

Bavaro Beach: Famous for its white sands and crystal-clear waters, Bavaro Beach is the perfect place to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy water sports.

Catalina Island: This small island is a paradise for divers and snorkelers, with clear waters and coral reefs teeming with marine life.

Macao Beach: Known for its waves and relaxed atmosphere, Macao Beach is popular among surfers and travelers looking to enjoy a more authentic environment.

Find the Ideal Boat for Your Next Adventure: offers a wide variety of options when it comes to boats, ensuring you find the perfect boat for your adventure. When choosing the right boat, consider aspects such as capacity, cabins, and amenities that best suit your needs and preferences.

Boat Capacity: The boat’s capacity will determine how many people can enjoy the trip. You can find everything from small sailboats and speedboats ideal for couples or small groups, to luxury yachts and catamarans perfect for larger groups or special celebrations.

Cabins and Amenities: If you plan to spend the night at sea, pay attention to the number of cabins and beds available on board. A boat with multiple cabins will allow you to enjoy greater privacy and comfort during your stay. For example, if you’re traveling with a group of friends or family, a catamaran with multiple cabins and spacious common areas could be the ideal choice.

Boat Type: The type of boat you choose will also depend on the duration of your trip and the activities you wish to engage in. If you’re looking for a day trip to explore the coast and enjoy water sports, a speedboat or sailboat may suffice. However, if you want to embark on a longer journey, a luxury yacht or well-equipped catamaran will provide the necessary comforts for an unforgettable voyage.

Costs and Considerations:

Approximate Prices:

  • Speedboat: Ideal for day trips. Rental price starts at approximately €600 per day.
  • Motor Catamaran / Sailing Catamaran: Perfect for longer trips and large groups. From €1,000 to €2,500 per day, depending on size and amenities.
  • Yacht: Offer a higher level of comfort and elegance, with spacious cabins and common areas, as well as a wealth of additional services. From €2,500 to €5,000 per day, depending on the level of luxury and included services.

Factors Influencing the Price:

  • Season: Prices may vary depending on the high season (December to April) or low season (May to November).
  • Rental Duration: Some boats offer discounts for long-term rentals.
  • Type of Vessel: The size, age, and amenities of the boat can affect the cost.
  • Additional Services: Elements such as fuel, skipper, crew, water sports equipment, and other extras may incur additional costs.

Services Included in the Price:

In general, the rental price includes the use of the boat, basic insurance, and necessary safety equipment. However, it’s important to review the specific conditions of each rental to understand what is and isn’t included. Additional services such as fuel, skipper, crew, and water sports equipment may incur extra costs.

Best Season to Rent a Boat in Punta Cana:

High Season (December – April): Cooler and drier weather, with temperatures between 24 and 29 degrees Celsius. Ideal for sailing, although prices may be higher due to high demand.

Low Season (May – November): Coincides with the rainy season and hurricanes. Although rain is possible, there are also periods of good weather. Renting a boat may be more economical, but it’s important to be mindful of weather conditions.

Festivities and Events: The Punta Cana Carnival in March attracts many visitors. During the summer holidays (July and August), the demand for boat rentals may also increase.

Where to Rent a Boat in Punta Cana:

Marina Cap Cana: 15 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport. One of the most luxurious marinas in the Caribbean, with capacity for over 150 boats and yachts.

Punta Cana Resort & Club Marina: 20 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport. With space for approximately 200 boats and a wide variety of services.

Bavaro Beach Marina: 25 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport. Ideal for renting smaller boats, such as speedboats and sailboats.

Sailing with Captain:

At, we always have a captain on board. A local captain will take care of navigation and guide you to the best places to visit, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy your vacation worry-free.

Book Today:

With, the experience of renting a boat in Punta Cana has never been easier and more exciting. From romantic weddings to lively parties, there’s something for everyone on our crewed luxury boats. Make your dreams come true and book your special event on board today! The ideal platform to rent crewed boats in Punta Cana and make your celebrations unforgettable. Don’t wait any longer to start your nautical adventure in the Caribbean!

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