We at WannaBoats.com, are fully committed to help providing all the information, as well as the necessary training, so that all the boat administrators and managers, can take the appropriate measures to keep the boats in the highest hygiene conditions while boat chartering in the upcoming months.

That is why, understanding the difficulties that we will all have to face, we have developed some tips and hygiene measures so that tour operators can have a support guide and apply to our “Clean & Safe Boat” bagde, which will be shown in their published boat charter or tour activity listings on WannaBoats.com, after having read and accepted the advice and measures explained below:

* Customers and boat operators will have access to these measures. Any customer complaint about one of this non-respected measure will start an investigation from our side in order to personally check the Boat conditions and established measures and if not complying those, this listing will be removed from WannaBoats platform.

  • Reduce the boat’s ability to protect the crew and clients, considering the social distance that must be maintained.
  • Prioritize private groups if they do not have to create lists for private groups.
  • Improve the description of your listings, add some measurements that will be carried out on the boat.
  • Create offers, special products for this season.
  • Raise awareness, train the crew about hygiene measures, boat cleaning, social distancing.
  • In the case of a large company, it is advisable to appoint a person responsible for hygiene, who will be responsible for training employees and verifying that all employees follow the protocols.
  • Print the measurements, read them together with the crew and place these measurements in a place on the boat where they can be easily seen by everyone.
  • If it is possible, a space for the crew should be created and delimited, in which the clients will not be able to go.
  • It is recommended to put several signs on the boat with the security measures (crew area, guest bathroom, crew bathroom …)
  • The boat operator must inform all the boat rules.
  • The boat operator must notify the customer what food / beverage service it can offer the customer. It is recommended that clients bring their food, drinks and glasses. In the event that you can offer a drink and / or food service on board, you must respect the rules of hygiene, adapt the service and the use of glasses, dishes …
  • All the common interior and exterior parts without exception must be cleaned before the arrival of the clients with a disinfection product recommended by the WHO (Chlorine …).
  • All walls, doors, chairs, tables must be cleaned
  • The person in charge of cleaning should always wear mask and gloves.
  • The use of an ozone machine is recommended for the disinfection of the boat.
  • It is recommended to ventilate the boat to the maximum when the boat is not sailing.
  • Bathrooms must always be clean and must have a soap, disposable paper napkins and a trash can.
  • All this cleaning must be done the same day of the activity and after the activity.

Boat operator:

  • The boat operator must supply the crew with everything necessary to maintain hygiene on board (cleaning product, hydrochloric gel, soap …) and everything necessary to care for their crew (masks, gloves …)
  • Before each activity, the boat operator must ensure that each member of his crew does not have any symptoms of discomfort (fever, cough …). Any questions, the activity should be canceled.


  • The crew must wear a mask and gloves during all activity.
  • At no time should the crew remove their mask.
  • The crew should wash their hands frequently.
  • When drinking water or eating, it is recommended that the crew do so in a place where customers do not have access, or in the case of a small boat, the crew should stay away from customers.
  • Hands should be washed before and after touching and removing the mask. Remember to follow the recommendations for the use of the masks (maximum use time …).
  • The crew must respect the space of the clients, and at no time should they approach the clients, unless a client asks them to.
  • Shoes: all customers must remove their shoes at the dock. The shoes will be kept in a closed box.
  • Hand cleaning: customers must be offered a hydroalcoholic gel to customers so that everyone can clean their hands before boarding.
  • Use of masks: Each boat, owner, captain, must decide whether or not to use masks for clients. In the event that it is mandatory, customers must be informed during the reservation process.
  • Welcome breifing + security measures: the captain must carry out his welcome breifing, explaining the usual security measures and must also explain the measures that must be respected on the boat (distancing of the crew, cleaning hands …)
  • The captain has the right not to accept on board clients who do not want to respect security measures. The captain also has the right not to accept clients with symptoms of cough, fever …
  • A hydroalcolic gel must be visible and accessible to all clients during all activity.
  • If the boat has more than one bathroom, one bathroom must be reserved for the crew and one for the clients.
  • It is recommended to wash your hands regularly, do not touch your face and follow all the measures recommended by the OMS.

These are some recommendations that we offer to boat owners who are committed to taking these measures and providing an adequate service to these circumstances.

* WannaBoats will not be responsible for the bad practice of service providers at any time, although measures will be taken, with the possibility of eliminating boats that do not comply with these recommendations.


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* Remember that when ordering your badge you are responsible for complying with the cleaning and care measures on the boat in order to ensure a safe experience for customers.