Creating a LISTING

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To do this, please read carefully the instructions below that will guide you to create a listing

1. Difference between BOAT Charter and Shared EXCURSION


BOAT Charter: when the complete boat is booked


Shared EXCURSION: when it its price is per person

For example:

  1. If you want to list a fishing boat charter with the entire private boat = you must upload a boat listing
  2. If you want to list a fishing boat charter but the price is per person (shared charter) = you must upload an excursion.



The translation of the listings in Wannaboats is automatic, so you must upload your listing in the language you are familiar with.

That is, only in one language.


    • WANNABOATS will charge a variable fee, starting at the lowest 15% of the rate published by you on the WANNABOATS website in the case of Boat Charters and 20% in the case of Shared Activities and Excursions, plus applicable taxes, for each reservation management made through WannaBoats.com. If the commission is set higher than the minimum, WannaBoats will give greater visibility on the platform to boats or tours from owners who award higher commissions to WannaBoats.


    • In the case of boat rentals WANNABOATS will pay 50% of the published rate, less the commission agreed, seven (7) days before the effective date of the hiring of the vessel contracted. The remaining 50% will be paid the day after the lease takes place.


  • In the case of Activities and Excursions WANNABOATS will pay 100% of the published rate, less the commission agreed, the day after the excursion takes place.

4. Do you have any further questions?

4. I have everything clear and I want to UPLOAD A LISTING

* Psss! REMEMBER: You only have to upload your listing in one language.