Make your customers meet you! Include a photo on your WannaBoats profile

Feeling confident goes far beyond numerical scores; it’s personal. In real life, we always want to make a good first impression. Making sure that the person who knows us knows who we are and even values what we do for future opportunities.

In the digital world, the first impression you get of anyone is their profile picture. Having one that stands out and reflects you makes a big difference. We must strive to build an image that projects what we offer to future clients. 

Did you know that just including a profile picture can show you as more professional, friendly, trustworthy, and even attractive to your potential clients?

At WannaBoats, we want all our clients and potential users to know you the same way we do. 

For this reason, we invite you to place your profile picture within your account, so that your clients feel closer to you.

Some recommendations to make your profile picture memorable

The photo should only include you: try to avoid group photos or photos of amazing sunsets (we know they are beautiful), logos, photos of just your boat, with your partner or with your adorable pet. The photo should reflect you. 

Show the world your face: this photograph will help past and future clients remember you. Include a photo of your face, shoulder length, with a background that is not too distracting. But hey, if you want the background to include a beautiful beach, your boat, or colors that represent you, you can be creative, but keep in mind that the focus is on you.

According to psychologists, photographs of faces looking directly at the camera naturally attract the attention of the observer. 

Make sure you have good light: if possible, use a photo with natural light, being careful not to let the sun cast shadows on different parts of your face. This type of lighting makes your face look closer and friendlier. 

Let your creative side out: you can use a background that has a contrast to your skin tone or is quite striking. You can even use online platforms that help you edit the background of your networking profile picture. We recommend pfpmaker which is a website that generates professional and creative profile pictures from any photo. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) background removal, beautifies the photo, and generates dozens of profile picture variations automatically. It is possible, in addition to changing colors, to also change the position of the photo, add shadows, and more.

Avoid selfies: we are sure that, like us, you love selfies. They are an ideal way to take pictures of yourself from your most flattering angle. However, for your profile picture as a contributor, avoid this type of photo. You can ask someone else to take your picture or set your phone to automatic mode so that it takes pictures after a few seconds. This way, you ensure that you have a photo that is eye-catching but also as professional as possible.

Think of your WannaBoats profile as the door that will open hundreds of opportunities to attract customers to rent your boat or book your excursions.

For us, service goes far beyond renting a boat or booking an excursion; we are living experiences together.

We encourage you to include your profile picture as soon as possible to ensure more bookings. Your customers will love it for sure!

With love, sun and fun, the WannaBoats Team.