The Portuguese surfer Hugo Vau could have broken a world record by crowning the Big Mama wave, about 35 meters high and the largest in the history of which is recorded in this sport.

The feat, published by the Vau team in social networks and collected by the World Surfing League as valid, was achieved last Wednesday at Playa del Norte in the Portuguese municipality of Nazaré, in the center of the country.

“Today I probably saw the biggest wave surfed in Nazaré by Hugo Vau,” said one of the team members, Jorge Leal, in the video posted on social networks, in which it is hard to see the surfer due to the magnitude of the wave.


Hugo Vau surfed this wave, which is now being called one of the biggest waves ever ridden at Nazare. How big do you think this wave is? 😱

Video: Jorge Leal


If confirmed the height of Big Mama, Vau would enter the Guinness Book of Records by beating the American Garrett McNamara, one of the main names of the modality, which in 2011 surfed on a wave of 23.77 meters on the same beach.

Four years later, Frenchman Benjamin Sanchis broke McNamara’s record by crowning a 33-meter wave also in Nazaré, although his milestone was never recognized by Guinness.

The beaches of Nazaré have become one of the tourist attractions of this Portuguese region thanks to its giant waves, which make them one of the places of reference for surfing today. The extreme weather conditions, with constant high winds, have led to the great international surf figures have spent the last week in Nazaré in search of the best waves.


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