We recommend you to visit some of these islands

In Dominican Republic there are many islands, islets and adjacent cays, all of them are part of the paradisiacal beauty of the island and sometimes the only way to get to these islands is by boat. We want to share with you and recommend you some that you should not miss during your visit on your vacation in the Caribbean.

1. Saona Island


In the number 1 position of our ranking of the best islands in Dominican Republic, is Saona Island, next to La Romana, Bayahibe and Dominicus, within the National Park of the East. Its popularity is deserved for its incredible natural beauty and because it is part of a protected park. It has postcard landscapes with its endless beaches lined with coconut trees and surrounded by turquoise water. It is a must to see paradise on the island.

On the way to Saona we find the natural pool in Playa Palmilla, located just 400 meters from the coast of Saona. The water measures less than 1 meter, perfect to enjoy with the little ones and immerse yourself in an extraordinary marine biodiversity. The island has two small fishing villages with very little population, Mano Juan and Catuano.

2. Catalina Island

homewannab0a15public_htmlwp-contentuploads201911Barco-Privado-para-Alquiler-Isla-Saona-Mano-Juan-y-Catalina.jpgOff the coast of La Romana, near Casa de Campo, is this beautiful and uninhabited tropical island, known for hosting some of the best diving in the Dominican Republic and even the Caribbean. It has a spectacular geological formation known as El Muro, which with more than 100 meters of depth and terraces at different levels, makes home to an immense variety of corals and marine species. Also there is Captain Kidd’s sunken ship, where spectacular dives with real pirate history are made.

3. Catalinita Island


Next to Isla Saona, is this small island that is part of the Parque Nacional del Este, totally uninhabited, with a wilder and more virgin appearance than other islands in the Dominican Republic, with coconut forests, large cliffs and exuberant mangroves that make habitat to various colonies of birds.

Its main attraction is its shallow coral reefs, making it a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Although it has beaches, these are quite small, characteristic for their lambí shells in the sand.

4. Cayo Levantado


Also known as Bacardi Island, it corresponds to a small key located in the bay of Samaná, northeast of the Dominican Republic. It is one of the most touristic keys in the country, famous for its paradisiacal white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, surrounded by coconut trees and tropical rainforests.

Like most destinations on the Samana Peninsula, Cayo Levantado has the special attraction of humpback whale observation during January to March, which come to the peninsula during these months to reproduce and give birth. Although the island has a hotel, normally those who visit it do so during the day through boat excursions.

5. Cayo de los Pájaros


Located in the Los Haitises National Park, in the northeast of the country, it corresponds to a small rock formation covered with forests and palm trees in the Bay of Samaná, known for being a refuge for hundreds of birds, among which are typical species of the tropical seas. like the red-billed rabijunco and the gannet.

Normally the boats that make excursions to the island do not disembark on it approaching only a few meters so as not to disturb the birds. The surroundings of the island are made up of the impressive mogotes of the national park, with heights of up to 40 meters, covered by exuberant tropical forests.