We can all carry out actions that contribute to caring for the environment, so when we go out by private boat or on an excursion on board, we must not forget to carry out actions that can make a difference if all or most of us become aware .

What can we do to make our trip on the rented private boat more eco-friendly?

  1. First of all, ask the owner or person in charge of the boat if they take any ecological measures. If we all demanded a concern for nature in the services we purchase, those responsible would become part of the solution to the problem.
  2. varwwwhtmlwannaboats.comwp-contentuploads202012Alquiler-Catamaran-Privado-Grupos-Saona-o-Catalina-en-Bayahibe.jpgOpt for a sailing boat instead of renting a motor boat. In this way we will not use fuel and we will navigate with the air, a totally green and ecological energy.
  3. basuraWherever you go, never litter. If you want to leave your mark, leave it in the sand while walking. There are islands of garbage the size of countries: Garbage Patch is a huge amount of non-biodegradable garbage (especially plastics) that is distributed in 5 ‘islands’ that represent a great threat to marine life. * To give you an idea, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, with about 80,000 tons of floating debris in the North Pacific that poison thousands of marine species and can reach the human diet, is twice the size of Texas .
  4. Use reusable containers. For example, instead of buying a bottle of water, always carry a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up. Avoid using non-reusable plastic bags / covers. If you use disposable products, make sure they are environmentally friendly. Instead of using straws, cutlery and plates made of polluting products such as foam or plastic, use reusable or biodegradable products.
  5. recoge-basuraCollect garbage that you find in the sea or on the beach. If we all collect garbage wherever we go, we will do our bit to clean up our planet, our home.
  6. Don’t touch wild animals. Wild animals can defend themselves against threats or become stressed and die if disturbed. That is why it is better to touch the environment in which we are visiting as little as possible. For example, do not touch or remove starfish from the water, because they can die.
  7. Don’t take pictures with animals. Those animals are deprived of their freedom and are destined to suffer and be unhappy just to take pictures with tourists. They are often mutilated or mistreated. Do not contribute to the smuggling or mistreatment of animals, they are happy in freedom.
  8. puedes-pescar-pez-leon-can-fish-all-year-lion-fishDo not consume animals that are temporarily or permanently closed, as you will be contributing to the extinction of these species. Ask for alternative options to the local ones. For example, when the lobster is closed, the lambí is not and vice versa. Never buy lez parrot, since its consumption is prohibited and try the lionfish, which is an invasive species that threatens the survival of local species and is also an exotic product that will surprise you.
  9. Encourage the people who give you the service to take care of the Environment. Sometimes the people who give us a tourist service, sometimes with low resources or with little education, are not aware that if they do not take care of their work environment today, tomorrow they will not be able to teach tourists anything but garbage. That their future and that of future generations depend on that care. * Hopefully there will not be a day with more garbage in the sea than fish …
  10. If you are going to cook at sea, always use ecological charcoal and never throw cutlery, glasses, plates, bags … into the sea. Please think that there is no planet B.
  11. Contribute to local animal aid associations such as the project to help endangered turtles in Mano Juan. This is a project carried out by a local fisherman called el Negro who became aware of the importance of taking care of turtles and their eggs, all in danger of extinction in the Dominican Republic, instead of hunting them.


We still have a lot to do and these are some of the measures that we propose to make your boat trip more eco-friendly. Rent your ideal boat on WannaBoats.com and be respectful with the Environment.