The depths of the waters of the Dominican Republic, keep more secrets than you can imagine. This dream tourist destination, characterized by its beaches with crystal clear waters, with a variety of bluish tones, its high mountains, large plains, tropical climate of eternal summer and the warmth of its people, also keeps long miles of coral reefs under the surface, which represent part of the great attraction of Dominican beaches for divers and visitors.

Coral reefs are tropical shallow water systems characterized by a high diversity of plants and animals associated with the reef structure, as well as high rates of primary production in waters that are relatively poor in nutrients.

These marine invertebrate animals are noted for their bright colors and the diversity of marine species that find a home to sustain themselves in them. The location of the Caribbean island allows it to have coral reefs throughout the coastal zone, which, in turn, serve as a natural barrier against coastal erosion and help contribute to marine biodiversity.

To celebrate the importance of these living organisms, quite vulnerable to natural impacts and human activity, on June 1 of each year World Coral Reef Day is celebrated, remembering the initiatives for their protection that are carried out globally.

Snorkeling in reefs with fish

Although you can dive all year round, the best time is undoubtedly between June and September, when our waters are calm offering better visibility and optimal conditions for diving. Sea temperatures throughout the year range between 24°C and 29°C, which allows diving even in the middle of “winter”, when temperatures are around 25°C.

WannaBoats offers the largest number of catamaran excursions to start your new adventure discovering the coral reefs off the coast of the Dominican southeast. Summer is the best time to visit these ecosystems.

Snorkeling in Coral reefs in Punta Cana and diving in shipwrecks

Punta Cana needs no introduction, it is the most demanded tourist destination in the entire Dominican Republic and it is for a reason, this place mixes the best environment with the best tourist attractions. A land bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea contains in its depths all the magic of the underwater world, to confirm that in the sea, life is tastier.
In the miles of coastline there are coral gardens, shipwrecks on the high seas and cave diving; for beginners, expert divers and the whole family, these activities can be enjoyed by renting a boat in Punta Cana.

Snorkeling mixes the experience of swimming with the joy of being in contact with the reefs and marine life. A safe activity for all ages. With WannaBoats you find excursions that fit your vacation dreams, with luxury boats always with an expert team in these water sports.

Feel like you are inside the Pirates of the Caribbean movies by experiencing the remains of the Punta Cana PewterWreck, The Astron, Mónica, The Enriquillo RM-22 and The Cueva Taína Macao. If you are one of the most adventurous, let yourself be surprised by the tall underwater Taíno sculptures surrounded by marine diversity at the Igneri Caribe Taíno Underwater Museum

 Sunken ship in the waters of Punta Cana

Snorkeling in Sosúa Puerto Plata

The so-called Bride of the Atlantic, dazzles new and returning visitors alike with pinnacles of coral that lie in a labyrinth between bits of sand. Immerse yourself in the experience to discover marine species such as the chillo fish and the iconic seahorses.

 Colorful fish in the waters of Sosúa Puerto Plata

This tourist province is well known for its beautiful beaches, as well as its places for snorkeling and exclusive diving, go ahead and get to know them by booking an excursion in Puerto Plata right now with WannaBoats, discover:

Airport Wall, located just a few minutes by boat from Sosúa beach, is one of the most charming spots in the tropical country, it resonates internationally for being a mandatory stop on the list of divers. A passage full of tunnels and long lines of the most diverse corals await the adventurers who dare to discover the beauties beneath the surface.

Cayo Arena Puerto Plata, internationally recognized for the variety of marine species it contains, snorkelers and expert divers find in this place a space to swim alongside the island’s most exotic fish, live the adventure of exploring a point and take underwater photos so capture this moment with ton of fishes like Surgeonfish, Sergeant Majors, Maidenfish, Angelfish, and Yellowtail Snapper for a lifetime.

Cinco Rocas Sosúa (Five Rocks Sosúa), these five large coral rocks spread over a large area, about 100 meters, creating a diving paradise for beginners. The reef starts about five meters deep and its deepest point drops to about 24 meters.

 Airport Wall Puerto Plata
 Cayo Arena Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Snorkeling in Catalina Island: get to know the coral reefs in La Romana

La Romana, despite being one of the smallest provinces in the Dominican Republic, receives thousands of tourists every year, who are attracted by the beauty of the city, the port, Casa de Campo, Dominicus, Bayahibe and especially the excursions to Catalina Island and Saona Island.

 Reef in Catalina Island Bayahibe

Discover the best that this island belonging to the National Park of the East or Cotubamaná has to offer you just by renting a boat today through WannaBoats.

Its beaches are available to the public, from the largest to the smallest, so that you can fall in love with the crystal clear waters and the depths full of coral reefs, including the “Living Museum of the Sea” and of course, the shipwreck of the ship of the Captain Kidd, being one of the most famous diving spots in the entire country.

Visit these corals as a family, always with due care so as not to harm the health and sustainability of marine biodiversity. At WannaBoats you have the widest variety of excursions and boats to rent today, with easy and secure reservations, which allow you to live the adventure of your dreams in one day, while you relax and get to know the Dominican Republic from the inside out.

What are you waiting for to book your excursion right now to discover the most dazzling reefs in the entire Caribbean?

With love, sun and fun the WannaBoats Team.