Christmas is coming! Do you already have a plan?

If you want to spend a different Christmas with your loved ones, rent a private boat.

There are many reasons to rent a private boat but we highlight a few so that you have just decided:

  • Forget about crowds. Enjoy yours in the privacy of your own boat. You will only be in the company of the crew.
  • Make your plan more flexible. Free time is gold, talk to us to plan your perfect vacation on board.
  • Surround yourself with nature in its purest form. What better than going sailing, breathing the sea water and being surrounded by nature. Take a good look, you might be lucky and come across dolphins, a turtle or a starfish (remember, the way to see wild animals is in their habitat, please respect them and don’t touch them).
  • Reach the most inhospitable corners. By boat you can access islands, beaches and corners that can only be accessed by boat.
  • Relax and forget about the worries. On the ship there will be a crew that will take care of everything, so you and yours can live this unique experience in total relaxation.
  • Enjoy a perfect temperature and bathe in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.
  • Can you imagine falling asleep to the gentle movement and sound of the sea? Find a boat to spend the night on and you will see a unique sunrise when you wake up in the sea.
  • Yes, Santa also comes to the boats 😉

To choose a type of boat you must take into account the number of people who will be on board; your budget and type of boat you prefer: you can choose between a private speedboat, a motor catamaran or a sailing catamaran, a yacht or a sailboat; What type of activity do you want to do: the boat managers have an itinerary prepared (which you can always try to modify with their approval), for that reason you have to take into account from the beginning the plan and destination you want to carry out and look for a boat that adapts to your needs. If you visit Dominican Republic We recommend that you rent a boat to Saona Island, passing through Palmilla (the natural pool) or Catalina Island, both in the protected Natural Park of Cotubanamá, in La Romana. If you visit Saint Lucia, you can rent a luxury catamaran in Vigie Marina, a fishing boat in Castries or a private motorboat in Soufriere.

Do you need any more reason?

Rent a private boat for this Christmas and enjoy the best vacations with your loved ones.