When we choose to rent a private boat to spend our vacations, we choose to travel in exceptional conditions, one of them is that we are forced to change our pace. We live in a daily routine, many times in a city, surrounded by noise, rush and the demands of daily work. On the other hand, when we get on a boat, nature, the wind and the present moment prevail, and we immediately adapt to the new rhythm and environment. The movement of the sea, the waves caressing the hull of the ship when sailing, the silence and the views of the immensity of the turquoise Caribbean Sea accompany us during a unique trip. All these elements and the fact of being in a private boat, without crowds or rush, make us find calm.

private-catamaran-luxury-charter-casa-de-campo-to-saona-palmilla-catalinaRelax in the middle of the sea

Can you imagine sunbathing in a hammock on the high seas? Have tropical fruits for breakfast overlooking the sea? Read a book while sailing to a paradise island like Saona or Catalina? Add your favorite people, the sound of your favorite music, some drinks to celebrate and relax and enjoy a perfect vacation. Leave stress behind and disconnect everything by renting a private boat.

There are studies that assure that the sea has positive effects on a mental level and that observing it is a natural remedy for anxiety. There are studies that ensure that people who live near the sea are happier.

private-boat-against-work-stressSome factors of the sea that can help us relax through our senses:

1. The blue color of the sea

Looking at the sea reduces our level of stress and anxiety: visualizing the blue reflection of the sea is one of the keys to achieving a state of mental relaxation.

2. The sound of the sea

The sound of the sea is also an important factor to relax, it is about not listening to more than the sound of the sea, without any type of noise pollution. The constant and harmonic sound of the waves promotes alpha waves in our brain, which are related to states of tranquility.

3. The smell of the sea

Another aspect that helps us relax is the smell of the sea. When we go to the beach or travel by boat, the natural tendency is to breathe deeply and it helps us get out of states of stress in which it can even be difficult to breathe and we can even feel chest tightness. Opening the airways allows more oxygen to enter the body and thus relieve tension. In addition, it manages to improve the defenses, very necessary when you live a continuous situation of stress.

4. The touch of the sea on our skin

Simply putting your feet in the sea already makes us feel good. When we bathe in the sea our mind is focused on the present moment and our nervous system has the opportunity to reduce the stress response. We feel free, fresh and relaxed when we feel the freshness of the sea on our skin, without counting the innumerable beneficial effects on our health.

5. The taste of the sea

There is nothing like savoring fresh grilled fish or lobster on board or with your feet in the sand looking out to sea. The taste of the sea fills our taste buds and makes us feel in contact with nature. Feeling the salty taste of the sea in the mouth makes us smile, feel fresh and free.

  • The sea also allows us to be focused on just one thing. Sitting for a while in front of the sea can help make decisions more clearly and enhance imagination and creativity.

The sea water leads us to connect with the moment and with our five senses, in addition to helping us to better sleep and promote creativity and happiness. * Disconnect from your routine and reconnect with your inner peace surrounded by your loved ones in the middle of nature and live authentic moments.

Private Boat Saona IslandEnjoy the scenery

Admire the paradisiacal landscape with endless beaches lined with palm trees as you sail through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Take a dip in the Natural Pool and admire the fish and starfish that you can find on your way (remember, don’t touch the starfish, they get stressed and die). And be careful, you could see dolphins or turtles

  • If you decide to rent a boat with a night on board, you can wake up with a unique and spectacular sunrise at sea and fall asleep to the sound and movement of the sea, is there anything that could be more special, romantic and relaxing?

6247373a-c680-4de6-abc2-e59bc270bdfaFeel the freedom

One of the greatest advantages of traveling by boat is the feeling of freedom. If you rent a private boat, you can choose the schedule and organize the trip to suit you. You have room to move wherever you want, or also to stay at a specific point. You can visit paradisiacal places and corners that you can only access by boat.


private-boat-against-work-stress-3Choose an option that fits your budget

You can find from very luxurious yachts and sailing catamarans or motor catamarans of intermediate price to private motorboats at a very affordable price. Don’t let the price put you off when it comes to renting a boat, there are very good boat options for all budgets.



Take advantage of your experience at sea to dive or snorkel

There are few activities so relaxing and beautiful than visiting the reefs or the seabed and connecting with marine life, appreciating the colors of the reefs, feeling the tranquility and beauty of the sea in all its splendor. Find a boat that allows you to do these activities and you will enjoy an incredible experience that will make you feel calm and totally disconnected from the outside.

Do you need more reasons to rent a boat and relax?